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Every page has a title tag. From a user’s standpoint the title tag is visible only in one place – your browser’s title bar.

For example, the title tag of the page you’re reading right now is: “SEO Glossary – 41 SEO Terms Explained“. It’s a very important SEO factor. There’s no better way for search engines to find out what the page is about than by looking at the title tag, that’s why you need to spend a moment on coming up with a good title tag.

How to set up a title tag.

If you’re using WordPress then the whole thing is rather simple. First of all, every new post receives a title tag that’s the same as the title of the post. However, if you want to change the title tag you need a plugin – All In One SEO Pack, for example. This plugin provides a really simple way of changing the title tag of any page or post on your blog.

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