Slow Loading Websites

Slow Loading Websites

Slow Loading Website | Bad for Business

Have you ever provided a bad Google Review for a business that was slow to provide service?


As a consumer, you would appreciate a sign like this before you entered a business.

As a business owner, you would never hang a sign like this in your store. But this is what Google is planning to do on websites.

Google Chrome announced a plan to introduce badging. As a way to encourage publishers to improve site speed. Google proposed a contextual menu on links that will tell users before they click, that a site is slow. The goal is to reward fast sites.

This is Google’s announcement that puts site publishers on notice. Page speed has become even more important. Google intends to reward fast web pages, at the expense of slow pages. Page speed has always been important. From the earliest days of the Internet, faster pages converted at higher rates.

A fast-loading site is important regardless of anything Google does. In the not too distant future. Slow loading pages may experience increasing pressure to survive.

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Slow Loading Websites

How to Get and Ask for Google Reviews

Being humble is usually a good thing. But in business, it’s not very helpful.
With Google dominating online search. It makes sense that you put focus on what Google needs to rank your business. One of those things is getting reviews on your Google.
Online customer reviews narrate a brand’s story. And statistics show that shoppers take note. Consumers read, write, and expect replies to their reviews. Which means reviews are a valuable asset to your business.
To illustrate how important reviews are to consumers. we did research, conducted surveys, and a whole lot of digging to uncover more than 100 online review statistics you need to know.
As well as being essential ranking signals for local SEO. Online reviews from clients and customers are one of the most powerful ways of promoting trust and confidence.
To highlight this, a recent survey from Zendesk found that 90% of respondents claimed. That positive reviews affected their purchasing decisions. With 86% saying negative reviews were also an influence. In other words, reviews matter.