10 Key Benefits of SEO for your Business

10 Key Benefits of SEO for your Business

SEO is the best Return on Investment

SEO has major benefits for websites and can lead to long-term exponential growth. Brands that invest in SEO can build credibility and trust with audiences. Making it a pivotal part of a digital marketing strategy.

Here are 10 reasons why you should use SEO

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SEO Boost Business Credibility

When people search they are searching for exactly what they want. Be it information, a product, or a service. Unfortunately in today’s world, people don’t have time to waste. They do not want to start reading content on a webs page only to find out it is not the correct information.

A website that ranks on the first page, or better yet, high up on, a search engine results page, has tremendous value. Search engines, especially Google, have a very complex formula (algorithm). This algorithm uses over 200 factors to determine the order in which websites are listed.

SEO Provides a Competitive Advantage

Everyone has competitors. Locally, Nationally and Internationally. Chances are your competitors are investing in SEO.

Fortunately, there are many ways to invest in SEO services. Having some SEO performed on your website is better than none at all.

SEO will help you compete with much larger competitors. Large companies that have a chain of stores will not spend the time or money to optimize their website to be found where you are.

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SEO Can Be Tracked

With SEO, you can track changes in rankings, conversions, and website traffic. Adding analytics to your website will allow you to review your site traffic.

Unless your customers tell you they say your billboard or heard your radio ad. You won’t know if your marketing is working or not.

Even if you are advertising online, make sure you link your ads to a specific page on your site. Not always the home page.

These insights to used adjust and improve your SEO strategy.

SEO Improves User Engagement Rates

If your business doesn’t sell cars, would you want people calling, or coming into your store looking to buy a car? Proper SEO on your site will help direct people looking for what you are offering.

If the title of your product page is simply called PRODUCTS. Google will not know what type of products you sell. Are you selling GOLF PRODUCTS? HAIR CARE PRODUCTS? 

Be descriptive in your page titles. If Google can index your website under a specific category it will help your business website be found for the right search.

SEO Improves Website Usability

SEO is about making your site search-engine-friendly. But it also improves the experience a customer has when visiting your website.

A website that is difficult to navigate will only discourage a user from continuing. If the information on the website is difficult to read, it also frustrates users.

Factors such as quality of content and easy site navigation will improve the usability of the site. These are factors in Google’s algorithm.

SEO Improves Local Search

Yes, you still need SEO if you just provide products or services locally. The purpose of SEO is to find new customers. If a person doesn’t know about your business they aren’t searching for your business. They are searching for a specific product, service, or information.

The main factor with Local SEO is to make sure your business has the correct address, contact information, and hours listed. Nothing worse than someone finding your business on Google or another directory only to have an old phone number, wrong business hours, or worse an old address.

10 Key Benefits of SEO for your Business

Why do you even have a website?

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SEO Matters. It's a serious business too.

So why do you even have a website for your business?

Having a website is not a ‘bucket list‘ item.

It’s not something you develop or have developed and then just leave it. Would you hire an employee, put them in a cubicle and never talk to them, never train them? So why treat your website like that.


Bad Website Example

Would you buy stocks from this website??

If your site isn’t current or has not been updated in months or years, you are just telling your visitors you don’t have anything new to say or worse you don’t care.

When site visitors think you don’t care about your online brand,they will assume you don’t care about what you sell or offer as a service.

A properly developed website, a properly optimized website, a properly nurtured website

Can be your best employee

Think about how you search the web …

How frustrated do you become when:

  • A page loads very slow
  • The site is difficult to navigate
  • The site is too busy, hard to see where to look
  • Information is outdated or incomplete
  • and worst of all, the site doesn’t have the information you searched for

If you think it’s only you that is frustrated by this, you’re not alone. These are also the items that Google looks at in their algorithm to rank which site goes where in the search results.

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These are just some of the 200+  factors in the Google algorithm that will hurt a site’s organic listing.

Keeping your website current, fast loading and relevant are important to Google and your site visitors.


It’s easier than you think to update your site

Educate your site visitors. We hear it all the time, a client can talk forever in a face to face meeting about their business, but when we ask for content for their site, they suddenly don’t know what to say.

Before become overwhelmed. If you have a staff meeting and ask staff to jot down ideas as they happen in the course of their day. Then when you have time, develop a few of those ideas into some site content.

We offer monthly maintenance plans through which we can assist you in these processes.  We’ll send you regular email reminders on these items to make sure you don’t forget to keep your site fresh.

Here are some ideas and tips on how to update/add things to your website. It doesn’t have to be paragraph upon paragraph.

  • Adding new staff and mention what they bring to your team (remember to delete staff who have left)
  • Add new products or services (again, remember to remove products and services you  may no longer offer)
  • Talk to staff that answer the phones or talk to clients and develop a frequently asked question (FAQ) section to the site
  • Shoot short videos on how to troubleshoot or install your product
  • Post new testimonials
  • Add relative, helpful links to help your visitors
  • If you use social media, add a social media feed to your site
  • A blog is an amazing tool to educate and inform your clients, it only takes a few moments to write one paragraph
  • Add a Call to Action
  • Add holiday hours