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Regina Search Engine Optimization Process

As you can imagine, everyone has their own way of doing things. You mom will make cookies different than your wife. Your co-worker will keep their desk organized differently than the way you do. That being said, not everyone has the same process when it comes to search engine optimization. Heck, not even every search engine ranks pages on their own site the same.

No matter what your industry is, no matter where your website ranks on search engines. EVERY website needs some sort of search engine optimization applied to the site.

We have developed our SEO process the way it has worked for us and our clients. Although, as we are always learning new techniques, our process will change as it suits our clients the best. The following is the process we follow here at Regina SEO.  This process is set up in stages and there are many steps and processes within each step below.

  • After meeting with and signing a contract with a new client, we follow these steps:
    • Research & Analyze

      • We know what we need to do for each client, but if we have never worked within a particular industry, we have no idea how competitive it is and how much competition a client may have locally and worldwide. Once we can determine this we can start thinking of a strategy.
    • Website Review & Analyze

      • Would you paint a car that was dented, rusted and had paint flaking off of it? Of course not. Every site needs some form of search engine optimization, but not every site is ready for search engine optimization. We will review your current site(s) code and site content. If the site is ready for search engine optimization then we can continue, if it is not ready for search engine optimization then we will suggest what needs to be fixed before we can proceed with search engine optimization.
        • Working with our web development partner Omni Studios, they can prepare your site for search engine optimization or we can provide a report to take back to your current web development team to have your site fixed.
    • Keyword Search & Analysis

      • We will review your site, your competitor’s site(s) and even review a few tools we have to see what keywords people are using to find services and products you offer. Knowing this will be VERY beneficial as it will help our copywriters rework your On-Page content and also help develop the strategy for your Off-Page search engine optimization techniques.
    •  On Page Search Engine Optimization

      • Imagine when you are surfing the web for particular services, products or information, you typically don’t read every word on every page. You are skimming the page for the “keyword or key phrase” that will let you know you are on the right site before you slow down and read more closely.  What works for the human eye it works almost the exact same way for search engine crawlers. The search engines are also looking within your page content (among other things) to try and help their users find the most relevant sites. If you sell “garden tools” and your homepage doesn’t mention garden tools very much or at all, well it will be very hard for the search engines to find you.
    • Off Page Search Engine Optimization

      • This is a very important part of search engine optimization and involves a number of different techniques. One of the most important is Link Building. This is where we help develop and implement a strategy of inbound and outbound links to other sites on the web. Think of it like this, if you have a funny joke and you tell a friend and if they think it is funny, chance are they will likely tell that joke over and over and the people they tell it to will tell others as well. Now they may not give you credit for that joke, but at least that joke is being repeated over and over. Link building is similar in that if we link your site to a number of other sites that are relevant to your product, service or trade, then it will be seen by other users who may be on this site and it is also valuable information to other search engines.
      • For instance, if you are a law firm. Then your website should be linked (if possible) on a number of other sites, such as Law Society websites, linked on websites that are directories of other law firms  ( Your law firm should also be listed on other directories such as and There are many ways to link a page as well on these sites and you should also only link to relevant pages and pages that have a valuable reputation. Check out Page Rank in our Search Engine Optimization Glossary of Terms for more information on Page Rank. You wouldn’t want to link your law firm on a site that has no relevance to your industry.
    • Reporting & Tracking

      • All of the above search engine optimization techniques would be somewhat wasted to some degree if we couldn’t track how well (or bad) it is doing. We will set up tracking methods and provide reports to our clients. We can use this data to adjust your strategy as needed so we are not wasting your money and our efforts and time.  Search Engine Optimization is not an exact science and the search engines algorithm is constantly changing. We have to stay up to speed with it and change or adjust our process accordingly. If search engine optimization was easy, then everyone one be number one and thus no one would be number one as it would be constantly flip-flopping.

Depending on your industry, competition, and knowledge of the web and search engine optimization, we will probably recommend starting slow. Let us show you results and how it works and then we can adjust the process to be more aggressive.

Contact Regina SEO to schedule a meeting if you would like to proceed or ask us for a FREE SEO assessment of your site. See how well (or bad) it is doing.

SEO Companies Regina
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