Website Analytics

Knowing what your customers do on your site will help a lot

There is NO point in having a website, performing any form of SEO if you do not Measure and Track Site Traffic

If you want to measure and track site traffic, there are many options, some are free and some cost.

The list below provides you with a list of analytics software. Keep in mind, whether you choose to purchase software or use free software, you will still need to connect your website together with the analytics software. It can be easy to do, depending on your knowledge and experience level. Once you have the analytic software set up you will also still probably need to tweak the software to track the options you want to track.

Another great example is if you are about to launch a new product or service and you have built a web page for it. Then all of your marketing efforts should use that domain name in it.

As an example, if your domain is, you don’t want to send traffic to that page and then hope your visitors will follow the links you have set up. Rather you want your TV commercials, bench ads or print marketing to promote

Now, that you measure and track site traffic, you can see how many people go directly to So, if you mail out 1000 postcards inviting people, you can now watch how many of those 1000 people visit the page.

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