SEO Research & Analysis

Search Engine Optimization Research & Analysis is first step in the process for a reason.

We know what we need to do for each client, but if we have never worked within a particular industry, we have no idea how competitive it is and how much competition a client may have locally and worldwide. Once we can determine this we can start thinking of a strategy.

We absolutely need a strategy search engine optimization strategy is needed to provide our clients a road map of what we are going to implement and it provides us the opportunity to learn more about you and your industry.

We need to know as much as possible about you, your company, your website, your competitors and any trends in your industry. If we don’t know as much as we can about this, then we are going to not to be able to do the best we can for you. We know it can be painful to answer questions about your business but the faster we learn about you, the faster we can start making a difference.

As part our initial meeting(s) we will ask you to review our Client Search Engine Optimization Questionnaire. Once we have this document, we will review it and proceed with our review of your answers and also perform our own review of your site, competitors and industry.

With this data we will put together an initial strategy and review it with you.  With a few tweaks and adjustments, we should have the road map to your search engine optimization strategy.

After the Search Engine Optimization Research & Analysis is prepared, we move onto Website Review & Analysis.