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Nofollow” is a very popular term in today’s SEO. When in fact it’s just an optional attribute of a link. However, its “optionalism” doesn’t make it unimportant. In fact, it’s the most important attribute from an SEO standpoint.

By default, every link is a follow link. This means that whenever a search engine encounters a link, it follows it. Checks where it leads to, and basically take it as a vote. A vote by the linking website to the website that is being linked to. The nofollow attribute notifies the search engines that they shouldn’t even pay attention to such a link – no vote, no link juice.

From a user’s perspective, nofollow links look exactly the same as their follow brothers and sisters.

In order to create a nofollow link just add one extra attribute to an HTML link:


An example nofollow link:

<a href=”http://wikipedia.org/” rel=”nofollow”>Wikipedia</a>

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