How do you search on Google?

Knowing how your users search can help you plan your SEO strategy.

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Google tracks everything people do on their search engine. Not to be malicious, but to improve their algorithm and to make changes to their search engine.

  • Before smart phones, people didn’t browse the web on their phones.
  • Before voice search tools like Siri and Google Assistant, there was no reason to track that activity
  • Before mobile/responsive websites, Google didn’t promote those types of sites.

Because technology is constantly changing, Google’s algorithm is constantly changing. The average user doesn’t notice or care about these changes. They just want better and quicker search results. And Google wants to provide that, it helps them remain the #1 search engine.

But as a website owner or business owner, you should care about these changes.

If your website doesn’t accommodate these algorithm changes, your site will drop in Google’s rank. It’s not personal … Google is just running their business (as you should be). Google is providing the results their users want. Results.

The survey questions below are just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to Google’s algorithm. All you have to do is think about the things you want when you go searching for a product, a service or information. How frustrated do you become when you can’t find what you are searching for?

Who do you blame when you click on a link thinking you have found your answer? Only to realize the page you went to didn’t have all or any of the information you were seeking.

Take a moment to answer these questions below.



Whether you know it or not but search engines and social media accounts track what you do, how often you do it and how. For the most part it is not malicious (can’t speak for all players). They do this to learn how to change their websites, their software and more.

We would like to know the same information but on a local level. If you have a minute, just quickly answer the questions below as truthfully as you can.


How do you search?

Do you click on ads? Do you ever go to Page 2 on Google?

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