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Whether you know it or not but search engines and social media accounts track what you do, how often you do it and how. For the most part it is not malicious (can’t speak for all players). They do this to learn how to change their websites, their software and more.

We would like to know the same information but on a local level. If you have a minute, just quickly answer the questions below as truthfully as you can.


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What browsers, social media and what are your search habits.

How do you search and how, do you click on ads, go to Page 2 of Google and more.

Which Search Engine Do You Use?

Which social media accounts are you active on?

What type of smartphone do you use?

What web browser do you use?

What internet device do you use most?

Do you own or manage a Regina business?

Do you believe SEO works?

Do you click on ads in search listings?

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