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How do people search the web?

Knowing how your customer’s search will help immensely

The next time you go to Google or Bing to search for something, stop.

Before you type anything in the search bar … stop … and think about what you are searching for.

  • Are you searching for a product that is sold by thousands of stores and on thousands of websites?
  • Are you searching for a website you visit often, but can’t remember is it a .com or .ca?
  • Are you searching for general information on a topic, like “where to vacation in Mexico?
  • Are you searching for a service in your city?

Now think about the results you are looking for. For example, if you are searching for a plumber.

  • Are you searching for a plumber because you want to renovate your downstairs bathroom?
  • Are you searching for a plumber who can install a heater in your garage or in-floor heat or another specialty product?
  • Or are you desperate and need a plumber NOW!

NOT every website is created equal

  • Some websites were built by the business owner themselves (or their kids). They used a “free” service online and have little to no information on it or the wrong information. They think that because they have a website Google and Bing will find it.
  • Some websites have been made by a professional web developer, but the site has not been optimized by a Search Engine Optimization expert.
  • The website has been online for 10 years but has not been updated in 9 years.
  • The website is not mobile friendly and does not fit properly on a phone.

These are just some of the factors that Google uses to index which site is listed higher than another site. Humans and Google, like to visit websites that are updated and maintained.

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Google is the #1 Search Engine for a reason. Their formula (algorithm) for finding the information people are searching for is remarkable. 

But ... their algorithm only works when it finds what it is looking for on websites. If the information is not findable by Google, then the website won't be listed as high as other sites.