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SEO is a science. There are many skills required in order to properly perfom SEO on any website.

  • Discecting your current site.
  • Reviewing your competitors
  • Determing your best keywords and key phrases
  • Optimizing each page of your site.
  • Developing an on-going strategy


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We understand that the world of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing can be overwhelming if not downright confusing.

If you only knew what we have to do to keep up with all of the changes and tools to stay current. Technology is always changing and so is the way people use it.

SEO is NOT easy to do. If it was then everybody would be #1 in Google and yet no one would be #1 because there would be a constant change of who is number one.

There are over 200 factors in Google’s algorithm. There are some things a business owner can do, there are a number of things your web developer should do and there are a number of things and a whole host of things Regina SEO can do for you.

Where do I start with Search Engine Optimization?

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We are confident in our SEO skills. No matter who designed your current site, we will review the home page and other elements of your site and provide you a free report. This will help you understand where your site is at and if it is ready for SEO.

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Every business needs to have a strong reputation online. We increase your online presence through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing techniques that work.

Google is the #1 Search Engine for a reason. Their formula (algorithm) for finding the information people are searching for is remarkable. 

But ... their algorithm only works when it finds what it is looking for on websites. If the information is not findable by Google, then the website won't be listed as high as other sites.